The Mystery of Life: You are the light, and that's indestructible truth

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It has been said that man shall not live off of bread alone. All people need food for the soul. Dr. Jakub Tencl takes the reader on a spiritual journey and challenges previous interpretations of the realm of the unknown. “The Mystery of Life" contains 12 Chapters that expound on Jakub's personal experiences and spiritual growth.

Dr. Jakub Tencl started his spiritual journey at an early age. His earliest memories of spiritual exploration came to him through dreams. Jakub first saw his death in a dream at a young age, and that dream dramatically altered the course of his life. He became an avid researcher of spirituality.

Jakub’s lifelong search for truth led him down many paths. He obtained a deeper understanding of love, and cultivated his mind to exploring the horizons. Meditation became his guiding post to awareness. His daily meditations became a lifelong practice that aided his spiritual journey. Meditation allowed Jakub to realize that all persons are connected to the same life source.

This book is Jakub’s powerful reflection of the depth and breadth of life. Through the ups and downs of his life he unearths the fundamental truth that mastery of self is a crucial element in spirituality. Spirituality doesn't have a reward list or gifts for good behavior. According to Jakub, “in our Western thinking we only look for effectiveness, for something that can be measured, and we have a tendency to expect something conditional.”

One must look beneath the surface of any situation to establish a better understanding of the spiritual world around us and the very forces that govern our existence. This book is a walk through spiritualism in the modern era, and it shows how one can reconnect with one’s true self. The principles of self-love and inner peace are explored within these pages as the author guides the reader through his personal journey.

It is necessary to experience self-realization to achieve a true and constant state of happiness. This state of happiness is what some call, “inexhaustible bliss.” Self-realization allows one to understand one's place in the universal order. The realization of self also allows a person to clearly understand that there is a difference between the mind and the physical body. When one can accept themselves for their innate abilities and talents, they will be on the right path to true enlightenment. “The Mystery of Life” is a great vehicle for such a journey.