Perception from a multicultural perspective

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Most of us spend the entirety of our lives trying to rationalize communication between significant others. The greatest challenge can sometimes be seen when multicultural couples have misunderstandings based on miscommunication that stems from perception. One's culture can change the interpretation of events. This book bridges the gap between cultures to allow the reader to understand how easily miscommunications can occur, and why they occur.

The authors map out the exploration of the dynamic of perception for those that have had relationships where their partner was of another ethnic origin. Some have had very intense experiences. This book allows those seeking clarity to understand some unexplained reactions of their partner. One will also learn how it is possible to overcome obstacles of miscommunication regardless of cultural or language barriers.

This book is not just a guiding post for intimate relationships. Communication across cultural barriers is essential in today's global economy. Miscommunication in business between different cultures can cost a multinational company loss in revenue or public embarrassment. The authors have carefully drawn out solutions for all persons attempting to communicate on an international scale. These solutions provide the ability to avoid common pitfalls across cultural divides.

The advice in each chapter is relevant whether one is planning to relocate to another country or simply to visit another country. Not understanding the culture around you can lead to isolation and feelings of loneliness. This book provides an explanation based on years worth of theories developed from therapeutic practice. The expertise of the researchers is invaluable to modern society.