Tag: bullying

The Psychological Elements of Bullying

July 1, 2021
Let’s dig a little bit deeper into this topic, how this is influential for an individual. Let’s go back to the moment when the individual is bullied. The question is...

The Circumstances of a Bullying Individual

July 1, 2021
In the previous article ‘The Psychological Elements of Bullying’ I wrote about motives that can lead to bullying. Now we need to explore more behavioural patterns that are explained as...

Mental anchors of individuals who are bullied

July 1, 2021
In the previous article “The Circumstances of a Bullying individual” I stated that there are ways how the teacher can prevent bullying. Now let’s take a glimpse at the scenario...

Case scenarios of a bullied child

March 25, 2018
Part of the long-term online survey was a question about the specific experience of bullying. Of course, the survey was anonymous. Now I will share stories of those who were...
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