Our session was a wonderful thing and tool in my life. I was surprised how much I trusted you but that is due to the very positive vibes you project. You destroyed one of my pillars denying that spirituality or cosmic connection with others is not part of my life. We deconstructed, analysed and gave food for thought to something that really bothers and prevents me from going on and enjoying life. It is so empowering to be listening attentively and completely understood!

I find Jakub has a comforting presence which allows me to relax. He listens well and really hears what I say about my feelings. Jakub has offered beneficial advice to me and I find the hypnotherapy easy to drop into and changes began happening from the first session. I feel He is very intuitive.

Testimonila at Wahanda, https://www.wahanda.com/place/hypnotherapy/#tt=41

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing hypnotherapist and your ongoing support. You truly are an angel!

Kuldip Sahota, London, December 2013