Success stories

In terms of confidentiality, the client’s name is different. It is not the goal to write all possible stories; however, you can see diversity in various conditions as to how it can be useful for success. This doesn’t mean that you are the same, and therefore, you will have the same success.  It needs to be kept in mind that all of us are different and unique.

“John” hasn’t been able to concentrate

I was contacted by the mum of a young boy in his 20s to find an explanation for what she sees as a problem with her son, what medical condition he has and whether I can help. This boy, let’s call him John, had attention disorder and mostly long-term memory, which correlates with attention. When John came to see me, it was obvious that he wasn’t even able to concentrate on the topic of conversation, and he wasn’t able to recognize his own feelings. After a couple of sessions, this has changed; conversely, his ability to concentrate increased, he was able to talk about events and whether they happened a couple of minutes ago or one week ago, and he was able to talk about his feelings in a positive way.

“Sara” wanted to quit smoking

Sara contacted me because she wanted to stop smoking. She came to the first session stating this was her goal, but she didn’t consider it something really important. Then we started to work. After the first session, she noticed that she didn’t even have much need to smoke, and she was able to decrease her number of cigarettes. After another session, she noticed she wasn’t smoking any cigarettes in the morning. In her condition and in her circumstances, it was a success.

“Elizabeth” had chronic fatigue and anxiety

Elizabeth came to my office. From the first moment, I could see that she had not been feeling well for a long time. In the second or third session she realized some relief from her aches and tiredness. We had about four sessions, and she was able to manage more things afterwards. She wrote that she felt stronger in herself.

“Elaine” had a fear of needles

Elaine had to have surgery, and she knew, just like many times before, she had a fear of needles that was really deep. Doctors had a very difficult time giving her injections. She became nervous - the cause was in her family history. After a couple of sessions, she felt better, more self-confident and her fear was gone.

“Ruth” wanted to lose her excess weight

Ruth came to my office with the goal to work on losing her excess weight. When she arrived, she looked nervous, and as was shown later, she wasn’t able to express her feelings, although she wanted to. Upon my recommendation, she asked her doctor for a blood test, which results showed that her worry about her tendency to gain weight was not too serious, as well as her blood pressure and BMI. After some time, she talked about changes that had improved her life. She is now enjoying life more.