Radio Love-it

This is the radio broadcast over the internet online 24/7 with relaxation, classical music, but even hypnosis. Here is what you can hear:

Relaxation music

  • The Mystery of Life, relaxation music composed for the book of a similar name. The author is Jakub Tencl.
  • Save The Nepal, relaxation music composed after an earthquake in Nepal, the author is Jakub Tencl
  • The Power of Lovefullness, Purification. The author is Jakub Tencl.
  • Release of the stress, guided relaxation designed for relief
  • Franco Galateo, Now she is an angel
  • Grégoire Lourme, Life, Rain
  • Macroform, Chakra Sound Meditations, Solar Plexus Chakra - (note E)
  • Neomusic, Sunset
  • Quietest, Chime
  • Serene Life. The author is Loula Taylor

Meditation music

  • Meditation Music & Spiritual Relaxing Meditation
  • Meditation music by Javkovmusic

Classical music

  • Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46 - I. Morning
  • Johan Sebastian Bach, Gavottes 1 and 2 from Cello Suite
  • Johan Sebastian Bach, Double Violin Concerto 1st Movement
  • Johan Sebastian Bach, Trio Sonata in B flat Major
  • Johan Sebastian Bach, The Well-Tempered Clavier, Prelude 1
  • Johan Sebastian Bach, Toccata in D minor
  • Johan Sebastian Bach, Suite in E minor BWV 996
  • The Nymphaeum Pt. 1 and 2, A Guitar Duet
  • Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony No. 9, 2nd Movement
  • Ludwig van Beethoven, For Elise
  • Ludwig van Beethoven, Moonlight Sonata
  • Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Spring, Allegro
  • Antonio Vivaldi, The Four Seasons, Summer, Presto
  • Antonio Vivaldi, Four Seasons - Excerpt 1
  • Mattia Vlad Morleo, Opus 1
  • Antonin Dvorak, 8 Humoresques, Op. 101, B. 187 - No. 7. Poco Lento e grazioso in G-Flat Major
  • The Lemming Shepherds, The Gathering
  • Bach Aria Variata BVW 989 Variation No 3

Mindfulness meditation

  • Creator of own reality, author Jakub Tencl

Hypnosis (on air from 6 PM to 7:31 PM UK time) in this order:

  • Hypnosis for coping with Anxiety
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Hypnosis for improving the coping strategy
  • Hypnosis for Anger management
  • Hypnosis for overcoming of sleep deprivation
  • Hypnosis for overcoming the fear of rejection


  • Stepanka Kuralova's podcast about fear of change (on-air every Thursday at 6 pm)
  • Stepanka Kuralova's podcast about feelings of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty (on-air every Thursday at 6:40 pm)

Program in the Czech language in this order (on air from 9 AM UK time)

  • Musíte si věřit - motivační řeč
  • Hypnóza pro zpřítomnění
  • Léčivé relaxace - Očištění

Interviews in the Czech language in this order (on air every Wednesday from 8 PM)

  • Rozhovor s Bc. Radkou Hornek, C.Ht. na téma štěstí a spokojenosti v životě a jak překonat životní překážky.

Portuguese-Brazilian Classical music

  • Francisco de Lacerda (1869-1934), Pedro Nunes, Canção Triste

You can play the radio using these links:

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