How booking happen

Step 1: You're booking an appointment via various channels: text message, telephone, online form.

Step 2: The appointment is automatically changed to the closest date if the chosen date cannot be booked. This is a new proposal that you can confirm or suggest a different date or provide your availability for a few days.

Step 3: Once the appointment is agreed meaning it is registered, you should follow instructions received in the email.

Step 4: Fill in the questionnaire describing the nature of your goal and related details.

Step 5: Your answers are assessed, if there is a need, you will get a recommendation to contact your current GP or the psychiatrist to consult suitability of hypnotherapy for your case. You can be contacted for detailed determination of your case.

Step 6: In case of needed change of the schedule, you will be contacted to propose a change the date of your appointment.

Step 6: You are required to confirm your attendance. Just to be sure the booking system will send a text message reminding the necessity of confirmation two days in advance so you have time to send your confirmation. This confirmation must be sent one day in advance. If you will send this confirmation two or more days in advance, you will be asked to send that once again one day in advance.

Step 7: After confirmation is possible to cancel the appointment but there will be a cancellation fee according to terms and conditions.