Before your first session

Own session has more stages which are necessary for evaluation of possible conditions and related topics.

First stage is about collecting all available information about you, the questionnaire called Life history questionnaire. Please fill in what you feel is the best and appropriate in regards of your issue. Then please take a questionnaire on the session. In case that you don't want to do it before the session, that's fine we will go through it together. This is just opportunity how to make own process faster.

If you will come with your child for hypnosis, I will need parental consent from both parents.

Next stage is determining of your suggestibility, that's necessary for selecting of therapeutic approach. You can also fill in following questionnaire.

In certain cases we'll need sexuality questionnaire for determining subconscious behavior.

On the session we will go through all questionnaires and yours answers and this will be pre talk before hypnosis, on the first session one of the outputs should be also action plan.

Next step is hypnosis, you don't have to be worry, you will be fully aware during whole process and you will have always choice to stop the session anytime. Some people thinks that they cannot be hypnotized, if you would take fact that hypnosis is natural state of our mind which is experienced every day many times then we can be hypnotized.

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