Weight loss management around Christmas

When Christmas is coming, maybe some of you begin to think about weight loss. Though this is a wonderful time, however, plenty of nice meals are part of it, and not only on Christmas eve. Everything is happening in the winter time, which we tend to substitute at the family fireplace in pleasant time. Maybe not all of us have time for exercises. So we may have eligible worries about weight loss.

Here we can come up with a few rules which should help to avoid rapid of gaining of weight. First of all, the question is what to eat, avoid all processed carbohydrates, eat only high-quality carbohydrates and moderate amounts of fat. Secondly, how much you eat, you should eat small meals, enough to prevent hunger. We talk here about three main meals and three protein snacks a day. And finally, when you eat: approximately every 2-3 hours. If any meals are delayed for longer than 3 hours, an additional snack would be required.

Psychologically gaining weight relates to the emotional states of mind, very often it’s due to the problems in relationships. So own process towards the goal of losing weight is usually complex of various influences. But it is not so difficult as it looks, hypnotherapy works with the beliefs in subconscious which were created in the past. These inner beliefs contain patterns, combination of experiences together. Here comes the psychoanalysis as a powerful tool for identification of those patterns. When the pattern is seen, then we are working with a root of the problem, thus the original experience is replaced with a new positive experience.

A few useful hints:

  • Maybe for somebody could be interesting that processed foods are those which causing gain weight. These foods accelerate the metabolism, that means that what could be getting, due of the proper metabolism, is conversely saved in the body.
  • Another interesting advice is about bread and pasta, they contain starch and carbohydrate content, these products are converted quickly by the body into sugar. So these products are recommended to eat on a limited basis.

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