Virtual Reality Therapy in London or Brighton

If you haven't yet known that virtual reality can heal, don't worry. So far, this type of therapy is not widely known. At the same time, it has great results in the healing of many problems.

Nearly a fifth of the human population suffers from some phobia or post-traumatic stress disorder. In their treatment, virtual reality therapy has been used since the 1990s, and the results are very convincing. The client is exposed to a virtual event or a situation to which he responds to it in a secure environment. By repeating the therapy, unwanted reactions of the client gradually have to calm down to a manageable state.

In addition to phobias, virtual reality therapy (VRT) can be used for anxiety, various forms of fear, PTSD, depression, hypochondria, but also for example in insomnia. The system monitors the physical response using biofeedback; As a result of continuous feedbacks, individual scenes can be customized so that this highly flexible device can be adjusted to suit every individual. Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) can also be combined with hypnosis to reduce treatment time and reduce costs considerably.

Book a session in London or Brighton

Virtual reality therapy will be available in London and Brighton. The VRT is going to be launched on September 1st this year and you can book your session now. The price of the one-hour session will be £120. If you are interested in further information, please contact Jakub Tencl, PhD at email: or you can book an appointment at

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