Subliminal messages

Around this topic is quite a lot misunderstanding. Some say, that it could work, and some say opposite. Many researches have been made in this matter, and some of them concluded that “Subliminal messages do Exist”. In fact, they are everywhere, how you’ll do your decision in the shop, which sugar you should take if you will be bombarded by adverts for one sugar with a logical explanation but likely it won’t be the whole truth. Let’s say that about 95% of your decision was influenced, why? Because of these subliminal messages. We choose selectively importance of what we should pay attention, and it’s not because we did this decision. It is automatic behavior. So subliminal messages play big role in our life. Question is how this works in hypnosis, whether subliminal records can provide expected effects of the treatment. Another researches showed opposite that in set time, subliminal records didn’t have a great effect, only a very small percentage was successful. That’s why using this approach is not recommended but even doesn’t prohibit. If there is a real little chance that one from five of individuals will be successful with this approach, why we couldn’t use it? Very depends on circumstances, how these messages are set. Likely own record wouldn’t help. But with other tools such as own individual session or homework with the goal to reinforce these messages, the percentage of the success has should raise.

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