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My friend Sunny Lama from Kathmandu told me how he felt when the earthquake this year happened.

First earthquake was at 11:56AM. I was in restaurant where I'm working and at that time we served at the breakfast. Later with my friends we wanted to have an lunch in the kitchen at that time. Slowly we went out to the garden at our restaurant, then we caught hands each other in expectation of worst. My thoughts were at my family. that I cannot see them, my wife and daughter, in my last minutes of my life. Two minutes later I decided run and at least have try to see my family. Luckily I could see them on the way, they went to the open place, I was calmer. My next thought was about my parents, whether they are fine, so I tried to call them. The mobile network started to work after half an hour. Finally I reached my parents, they told me that they are in safe, but their house is destroyed. I have tried to reassure them and told them that most important thing is that we are in safe. They were then outside for whole night. I worried that my family will have to be outside as well, in terms of me, I can be outside, but not my family, my daughter Jeslina, she is 21 months old.

Finally we found one place, part of the building, we spent night there. Next day we went again somewhere where was the open space, there we spent whole day. We have gotten a tent, unfortunately in the evening was rain and dark, my daughter was crying, she said please let's go home.

So we decided to go back, where we have been previous night. Next day we got another tent from Scout. Now we searched another place, in open space and better for children. Luckily we had an emergency light, so we were there two nights. Then another problem came, we haven't had a food, we didn't know where to sleep, no water and bathroom. We decided to go to the countryside where is my family, from where I was coming. We built a temporary stay house, it is much better than here in Kathmandu, it's safe and for child. I left my family there and I went back to the Kathmandu, and see my friends and my office and whole situation. Still I'm sleeping in the tent and right now it is safe.

Update from Sunny Lama on 4/6/2015:

The situation goes slowly. It's been much more better than in last two weeks. Now most people stays in house and they try to get back day routine. We are still experiencing light shaking, but less than 5 degrees, that's normal, before it was 4-5 times a day. Last three days it was just once a day. We hope that we won't have again a big earthquake. In my opinion small shakings are fine and maybe they have to be here. If would small shakings weren't be here, is more likely, that we would had the serious earthquake again and that would be problem. Most houses are still damaged, people can be in danger again. I am trying to handle be ready for monsoon season, that we can stay at better place in my village. My family is fine and schools are open.

Update from Sunny Lama on 10/6/2015:

Situation is much more better in these days than last month. Now every school is open and people are doing daily routine. But business is unfortunately down, weather is very hot around 35 degrees celcius which is highest for last three years. Unfortunately we cannot re-build the house until summer, because it's time of monsoon.  We have to work at agriculture, grow corn, rice and so on. Temporarily we built the house from mud and stone, it was hard work, whole construction in time of monsoons. It is difficult to find workforce for construction. Everyone have to re build the house. In this weather is hard to live in the tent. People can't work on field, because is hot weather. Last weekend i have been visit my family and parents, they are fine but they are living still in temporary house where is hard to survive. We do wishes, be in safe from earthquake. Most people are worried that earthquake might come again.

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