Problems are sometimes simpler than you think

This should be about relationships and in this relationship are partners from different origins. Ask yourself, why your partner do not understand your habits, of course all our assumptions are built on traditions and language and the environment in which you have been growing. Sometimes unable to understand, doesn’t mean something is wrong. Every culture has different settings of the society where the priorities in different order and we have to admit that we are influenced from a social setting. Let’s say and it will sound probable extremely, that one society prefers to have family and the other in a different country doesn’t have this need and this means, family as a basic unit for all relatives, deeper ties within the family. As the example could serve the situation when you are in the different country and trying to find the job and with this family system, you won’t have difficulties, and even more, your relatives will help you to find your life partner. This is not set in different societies. There, as individual you have to stand for yourself. And here might be the contrast in a relationship, that expectation of one is not the same of the other one. And it’s not wrong. interesting is that in this matter I haven’t found any possible references to some researches. Because this can open different approach in searching of the solution in occurring situations.

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