Why job hunting is frustrating

Almost everyone was in situation in which we had to start looking for new job. No matter what happened in previous one, gradually the process of searching is becoming frustrating. Although we do our best and at the beginning nothing is missing, all steps according of advices is included. Problem occurring when we are rejected not only once. It is hard separate the rejection and motivation for new job, then we are become demotivated. Simply we tend to follow emotions created by our perception of rejection. Firstly we ignore first signs but this is process of suppressing, logic explanation is that more important is get the job and ignore failures.

Instead of ignoring failures is better to accept it. How? Simply, failure is part of your success, if you wouldn’t have those failures you will probably never find the value of the success or value of what you really want. Having them is same importance as being happy, process of acceptance is the same process of improving of your self-confidence. Because only you are creator of what you really want, if you are not sure about certain job that fills you up, why would you be part of the interview. People who saying, I don’t know anything else what could I do or I don’t want to do something else because I was doing this for very long time, these people froze. You have to understand that every moment is result of your only own decision, influences are only if we want them but in fact we are influenced by inspiration.

On the other hand, problem could be that interviews are provided by individuals who doesn’t consider facts in psychology, these people are not trained in Human Resources. Today, the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times during his or her career. And this number is influenced by professional HR manager.

Anyway, hypnosis is a great tool for improving self-confidence.

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