Intimacy in relationship

This ordinary topic is bigger than we can think. 42% of marriages end in divorce in the UK (December 2012), which means that nearly half population has difficulties to stay in the relationship. We can ask, why? And is this percentage something what we should pay attention to? Why involves many aspects, one of them is intimacy. If you are in a happy relationship, you may not have a problem with work on the healthy relationship and the others should learn from you.

To go deeper, we also have to consider family dysfunctions. Nowadays we are in a rush, we are required more than before, every day is impossible to avoid all information that we need to cope with. So in those endless tasks and efforts to have an overview, there is no space for our feelings, and they are the base of intimacy. So the feeling of emptiness comes up, and the only choice which we see is stay and hope for change. This surely is the base for frustration and from here we are instinctively looking for a cause.

So what dysfunction plays a role in this process? For instance, if we haven’t seen affection between parents this is why we will exaggerate the need for affection, or if the intimacy haven’t been between parents we will end up with the need for pleasure, and this is why is impossible to stay in one relationship even though we will intellectually convince ourselves about the opposite.

Luckily the hypnosis can bring the solution and help rediscover the intimacy, even though we never perceived it, it is nature of us.

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