Importance of the integrity

I was thinking how to write this article. The topic is more than obvious, but yet let’s ask: “Why integrity is so important?” Let me tell you story, one of my teachers said once upon: “If you will say, I will meditate and ultimately everything else will be more important than what did you had in plan, what happens later in the future that if you need to meditate, then something unexpected will have to happen, what is not possible to predict or even have it in control.”

That is one example, that integrity is not only about what is in the outer world, it is also about the inner world. For example, if really want to help somebody else and you will do the best, yet the result won’t be as expected, the first question should come, am I in my integrity enough? So to be motivated is dependant on how we are in integrity. Only clear motivation can bring results.

Another story could be: What if you really want to help others but you had to make debts for your education and livelihood, how do you think will be filled your desire to help others? When we talk about integrity, in a certain stage, it is hard to follow original intention. What if all debts are paid or better when sources are available then is possible to follow a higher goals. So very often on the journey of the inner integrity is something more what is part of it. Here let’s mention for instance the humility.

When we talk about sources, we can add also speak truth, and if you are a therapist, you know that confidentiality is everything. As a therapist, whether you are for instance psychotherapist or hypnotherapist, is important to know who you are and what are your skills; that you will know whether you re able help or not. So here comes another part of the integrity and that is honesty to others and within us. One can’t exist without another, honesty within us is a source for honesty to the others. “Honor the truth, because the final truth can free.”

With honesty goes hand in hand the sincerity. But we shouldn’t forget about how we are thinking for instance about others. There are two types of people, one who has more tendency to be negative although he or she learned how to communicate with people, and the second type who always sees something positive and even in the unpleasant situations, they are ignoring everything negative. Who do you think of these two types has more of integrity?

I will close this topic that the integrity is very important and needs to work on it, be aware of all happenings because that’s how are more choices available.

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