Hypnosis is not the same as meditation, do you know why?

This simple question time to time has to be answered in every practice of hypnotherapy. Reason is that most awareness about meaning is that they are the same, that there is no difference between them. That’s not the truth, for instance from the perspective of the effect there is a big difference. Let’s take it one by one, so hypnosis is 100% natural state of the mind, in which we are immersed everyday and even many times during the day. In this state mind is focused, and if we could describe this moment then in one word it is relaxation. Subconsciously we are open to outer happenings. With this access to our subconscious we are able to work in a session of hypnotherapy with patterns in behaviour, generally speaking with perception and that’s happening in full consciousness. Exactly as you are reading the book and this is considered also as a hypnotic state, you are aware of the happenings, so you are not disconnected.

On the other hand, meditation has different conditions, against the hypnosis the main goal is emptying of your mind, this means less of thoughts is better, this is basically happening through the awareness of the present moment. Mental attention on fewer thoughts is not way how to get rid of them, for an explanation where is the energy of your attention then there are even more thoughts.

But I want to mention something else in this regards. Very often I have heard that meditation can help to solve your issues in life. The reality is a bit different, what is happening, that we are starting to meditate very often in mentally hard conditions and then we feel better with the belief that everything that was unexpected is gone. That’s interesting because unconscious patterns, unfortunately, weren’t changed. Because for instance, in relationships, mutual attraction has the same patterns reflecting own perception.

That’s why is useful to understand that some mentally conditioned states are necessary to solve with a therapist. That’s the way how to enjoy meditation even more.

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