How to defend against negativity

Recently somebody asked me: "How to defend against negativity?" Here is what I answered: "Negativity on one hand is product of our imagination, we are as projector, through us, from our subconscious, is screened what we see, our feelings are associations with our previous experiences, thus only our experience  determines, what we feel and that's how we learn.

Further I continued: "Furthermore in the own seeing is plenty influences, so when the negativity is seen as only one of these influences, we talk about just 1% of  remaining.

Why we think that this is negativity? There can be simple answer...for example because of our eating habits..."

This is after pattern of mindfulness, but what is missing is own experience. Do the logical conclusion does not mean, that everything changed. Here comes simplicity, what if you will do just 3 minutes per day an exercise of calmness. That's why mindfulness has a lot of meditation techniques. Because by intellectual understanding is possible to move down to your heart, your own experience.

3 minutes per day; is possible to take that as commitment? Actually, what occupies of yours time?  You can answer yourself. And do you think that you can reserve 3 minutes a day in calmness? Well, if you say no, that's another story, but I'd love to hear everything, please call me or email me.

However what would be happen, if you would spend 3 minutes a day in calmness? Somebody could say, nothing much. That's not truth. Stress or if you will tolerance for stress and frustration is as low as you are busy, that continuously you are doing something.

With 3 minutes yours tolerance for stress and frustration goes up. Why that's important in how to take negativity? Gradually bigger calm gives you feeling of who you are. More space in mind and focus to inside, that your body deserve be happy, not just your mind with efforts to make it happen.

Please do let me know the results.

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