How to change the perception of suffering

I have had the opportunity to be part of the discussion about suffering, the question was whether we could say that suffering exists or not. This inspired me for this article. The perception is limited by own experience, of course this is the way of learning. In other words, we learn by own experiences because in the future we will use this knowledge for what we want to feel. Every individual is able to describe differently what he or she sees.

This is a short introduction into the topic of perception. Now if we know that our perception is limited, the more we have a chance find out that what we want to feel, is our choice. Alright, then we can say that either we suffer; or that our body is going through a transformation. I think you can see the difference. The first statement says: I am suffering. the second statement is about what is happening. Which one do you think is better in terms of the perception of suffering? We don’t need to suffer, but if there is a personal experience of suffering, what follows is the conscious identification; the new experience does not play a role.

In case that you know that past experiences are imprinted in perception and thus decisive, you have the power to change it. Even though you have this knowledge, you can tend to choose the way of purification; that every negative feeling helps get closer to the goal. That you won’t have any negative feelings. Unfortunately, I have to say that this is not the effective way because first you don’t have a choice and then you are accepting that life involves suffering. Accepting of the state of suffering, in fact, means that is not possible give up of that.

What if the suffering does not exist, unfortunately, is chosen suffering than a way out? Yet everything is possible to change. Do you think that you can accept that suffering doesn’t exist?

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