How are left to their destiny, those who need help

We could say that this is happening in many countries, not only in the UK.

Let's assume that for this purpose let's call him Jack, has the borderline disorder and he doesn't know at all how to gain help. He is talking to his friends about his anxieties and depression and suddenly someone in one beautiful day says, I know someone who can help you. "Jack" is thinking , he doesn't know too much what's right or wrong, which decision he should make. And because somehow he trusts his friend, he decided to phone the therapist, he is happy because he has appointment and he is hoping that it will help. He does not know the therapist, even his prices. So he is coming for an appointment and after while he is starting to be dissapointed, because although the therapist explained everything and it sounded that could help, the price wasn't low. With this feeling he is going through the session and he is ending his first session. Now he is thinking, I don't have that much money and I tried some others therapies and it didn't help, why this has help this time? So he concluded with decision to not coming back mainly because he doesn't have money. But later after couple of months he is facing another depressions and he see that he really need to have the therapist, so he is looking after last experience, the option whether he could meet someone who is paid by NHS.

He finally found someone but booked appointment is about a two months later, so he is waiting. On the day of meeting he is coming full of impressions that finally he got appropriate help and that he will be fine. What he sees on the session that the effect is different, he feels great after session but this time his depressions coming back in shorter time, so he must book another session, but the session unfortunately is about one month later, he doesn't have money and that's why he must wait. This prolonged waiting period gives him worse feelings because he sees, what he was afraid of, that nobody cares. And this is repeating, although there is progress, he is notified that now he is able to manage his mental state so there is no need to have another sessions. Now problems coming, he doesn't know how to find job or how to communicate with his parents and because he cannot afford next sessions to have an assistance, he is trying to figure out how to integrate into life.

Very often these individuals coming back to the sessions. This is not judgment of how therapists working, main problem is with money, expenses are not low and that's why these cases have to be left for later time or have to be solved temporarily.

Minister Nick Clegg says in interview for magazine Psychologies: "It's worse than that - it's almost an institutional cruelty, the way people are left in a state of great vulnerability and fragility to fend for themselves in a way that would be deemed completely unacceptable if it was a physical health problem."

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