Five of rules how to be happy

o-RELAXED-WOMAN-facebook1) Happiness is within us

It is important to understand that happiness is not out there - it is within us. I can imagine that you may have heard this many times. Somebody could say that it is easier said than done. Our self is very often shrouded by our needs that limit us. Similarly, when we think that we are in love or happy, this usually indicates the opposite, because it’s our need. But as you probably know from experience, moments when you are happy or in love don’t need labels - we don’t have time to think, these moments are exactly when we can say ‘this is me’. By removing your needs you are getting the space and that’s why creativity and intuition can come up.

2) Self-acceptance

We need to accept ourselves. How? Instinctively we tend to think that this may be in speaking, that we will repeat something. Not exactly. Self-acceptance is a process of accumulation. And that can happen only if we allow ourselves to follow a pleasant impression. I can imagine that it is hard to get out of a long-term state of tension. But Lovefulness as a method of self-acceptance can help.

3) Live in the moment

No matter what will be in future, tomorrow, or later, only the moment of now unlocks the full potential. How to do it? Be brave and do whatever you couldn’t because you were busy. That’s the first step - a way to get out of automatic behavior. So if you dreamed about a journey on an island, NOW is the time to get there. And just as everything, it is practical to repeat it to make it a habit. Until you can change the perception and everything coming it will be an amazing unexpected opportunity and we won’t hesitate to use it.

4) Regular eating

Although this is obvious, we have to mention it. Mind is connected with body, though some theories dictate that the body is just a tool. That might be true, but we need to take care of our body. Regular eating is a necessity, low blood sugar might cause fear or a phobia. Things like this are much more connected to our body.

5) Regular exercise

Again this is obvious, but the trend is different. More and more people don’t have time for exercise for plenty of reasons. But exercise helps the body to function better - among other things it helps normalize your glucose, insulin, and leptin levels by optimizing insulin/leptin receptor sensitivity. The side effects of exercise include but are not limited to: clearer skin, better mood, better sleep…

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