Distrust to General Practitioners

Quite often in my practice of hypnotherapy happening, that exists distrust to GP’s, and this impression is kept in awareness. This is often happening from the own experience that expectation cannot be fulfilled. Before anything else will be spoken, I would like to explain that I understand of the perception of why distrust comes. At first is necessary have a view about the role of the allopathy in a sense of western medicine and the alternative medicine.

Of course that the role of the western medicine is undoubtedly the main stream in general healthcare. In the pyramid of the entire healthcare, this is in the base, nothing else cannot substitute this role. Here you may have a disagreement that many diseases have been successfully treated with alternative methods. If that is truth, then the procedure for reaching of this treatment should be through the physician, that the GP according to of medical state recommends the patient for this treatment. This is from many reasons, one of them is that will be ensured that the patient won’t be in danger of life. Second, that will be complete anamnesis of the patient.

When we talk about the alternative medicine standing on a base of western medicine, so own role is in a sense of extending, mostly supporting the treatment from the physician. But physician should have always the last word, in better case, there should be cooperation between GP and those who are practicing the alternative medicine.

If you have doubts about the performance of your GP, at first you have right for the second opinion from another GP, and give an feedback.

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