Are you bullied? Don’t be afraid that will change.

You may be somebody who had or has the experience.

It was my experience!

If it’s the memory, you probably know, that it had an influence on your life. Whatever happened anything and how it ended up, but this is something that is held in whole life. Yes, this chapter is closed, today probably you are not a victim of bullying as an adult. But still, you may experience such situations where others see you as a target. Although you are doing your best, unfortunately, it is not enough for some people. When you are a child, your personality is in the process of building, so how do you feel, for instance as a target, is something that remains. Although you found the solution and all events were changed in a good way, probably somewhere inside is a little flame of what if. The expectation which may happen, that again you’ll be in the same role. In other words, it became Achilles’ heel. In fact, if you’re older, all memories of every event from this period may be still fresh. It may be your secret let’s say Pandora’s box, and you’re never told about it to anyone. One of the effects is that life is lived in tension and in relationships you may be one of those who is trying to save.

If it resonates with you these words. I know it is hard, best is to keep the box closed, but what if exists a way how to rewrite these experiences? Would you be willing to open the box and use that as an opportunity?

I’m victim of bullying!

It’s very hard situation, in the worse scenario at home, the parents don’t want to support their child in a way that they want their child was strong. So the parents, in fact, are at the other side, that’s how the child perceives it. Another scenario is that child feels shame to say anything at home. So the parents doesn’t know anything. What if they knew, they may help, even if it would be just encouraging their child. Child wants to hear that he or she is not alone. Next scenario is that child is in deep depression, and although he or she gets help, the child always is in the inability to do anything. So whatever how many therapists trying to help the child, it is not helping. In this scenario can help psychiatrist. It’s unfortunate to think, that child must be kept away of any therapist until he or she is young. Conversely, the therapist can really help.

If you are a child? Don’t worry, it will be better. When you’ll be confused or depressed, please remember there are many who wants tell you, how amazing you are! How great you are! They are ready to protect you.

The first question that arises is how is possible to get help?

  • You can call number: 08 08 16 89 111
  • Or you can call this number: 0845 22 55 787
  • Or call me to 07704 734 834

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