How to fund your session

There are many ways how to fund your session of hypnotherapy. Here is the list:

NHS CCG (Clinical Commisioning Group)

The CCG’s current policy on Alternative and Complementary therapies, including hypnotherapy, states that ‘These procedures are not routinely funded by the CCG because of a paucity of information on clinical effectiveness.’

If the patient’s GP or consultant feels that the patient is clinically exceptional, they can apply for funding through the Individual Funding Request process.  The Policy states that: ‘For patients to be eligible to be referred to the IFR [Individual Funding Request] Panel at the CCG’  the patient’s GP or consultant would need ‘to demonstrate that there is evidence to indicate that the individual would receive a significantly greater benefit from this treatment than other patients with similar clinical circumstances who would also not be offered the treatment under current policy. As these procedures have limited or no strong evidence of clinical effectiveness it is unlikely that the CCG will fund them.’

Prudential Health (Approved provider as a Hypnotherapist)

In case that you are insured at Prudential Health, you can claim for expenses for the session but this has specific conditions and is assessed on a case by case basis.
Terms and conditions indicates in paragraph 1.9. (Complementary and alternative therapies) that “To be aligible for cover, these therapies must be used for treatment of an acute condition following referral by a GP or specialist.” And further “Treatment for pre-existing conditions or chronic conditions is not covered, nor are associated medicines and products”

The British Association of Therapists and Hypnotherapists

One of their goals is fund the sessions for those who has financial issues, this condition must be verified. Every case is assessed individually and is not in advance obvious, how much you will get for your treatment. All money are from voluntary donations.