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Five of rules how to be happy

First of all is important to understand that happiness is not out there. It is within us, I can imagine that probably this you’ve been heard many times. Somebody could say, easy to says it, hard to do that. Very often inner self is shrouded by own needs that limiting us. Read more

Are you bullied? Don’t be afraid that will change.

If it’s the memory, you probably know, that it had an influence on your life. Whatever happened anything and how it ended up, but this is something that is held in whole life. Yes, this chapter is closed, today probably you are not a victim of bullying as an adult. But still, you may experience such situations where others see you as a target. Although you are doing your best, unfortunately, it is not enough for some people. Read more

Introduction to the hypnosis

What can you expect from the session?  Hypnosis is NOT something which deprives us of our consciousness and ability to focus. You are in a state of hypnosis many times a day, for example when you are driving, you are focused on objects on the way to ensure safe journey, but keeping unwanted stimuli aside – you are aware of them, but somehow unconsciously, anytime you are able to notice them you have the choice to change your attention for a while just to notice. One of your choices is also that you can stop the car anytime you want.  Read more

Why job hunting is frustrating

Almost everyone was in situation in which we had to start looking for new job. No matter what happened in previous one, gradually the process of searching is becoming frustrating. Although we do our best and at the beginning nothing is missing, all steps according of advices is included. Problem occurring when we are rejected not only once. It is hard separate the rejection and motivation for new job, then we are become demotivated… Read more

Intimacy in relationships

This ordinary topic is bigger than we can think. 42% of marriages end in divorce in the UK (December 2012), which means that nearly half population has difficulties to stay in the relationship. We can ask, why? And is this percentage something what we should pay attention to? Read more

Attention deficit disorder (ADD)

Have you notice that sometimes is hard to sit and focus on what needs to be done and even though you’re trying to do anything to get focused regardless it seems to be impossible that anything around what you did not consider as disturbance before and that causing anxiety and this leads to… Read more

Subliminal messages

Around this topic is quite a lot misunderstanding. Some say, that it could work, and some say opposite. Many researches have been made in this matter, and some of them concluded that “Subliminal messages do Exist”. In fact, they are everywhere, how you’ll do your decision in the shop, which sugar you should take if you will be bombarded by adverts for one sugar with a logical explanation but likely it won’t be the whole truth… Read more

Problems are sometimes simpler than you think

This should be about relationships and in this relationship are partners from different origins. Ask yourself, why your partner do not understand your habits, of course all our assumptions are built on traditions and language and the environment in which you have been growing… Read more

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